1.These rules apply to individual guests. In case of organized groups and travel agents, there is a possibility of negotiating individual terms and conditions of the booking.
2. Bookings can be made by phone, fax or e-mail.
3. Rooms can be booked for a person or a company, who will make the payment.
4. A booking is confirmed when the advance payment of 30% of the sum due (based on our rates) for a stay is paid into our bank account.
5. In case when the booking is canceled 8 days before the arrival, the advanced payment is returnedminus the return shipping and handling charges. 

6. Advance payment will not be returned in case of canceling or changing the booking 7 days before the arrival.
7. Advance payment meaning an effective booking is equivalent to the approval of our booking terms and conditions specified in these rules and our „Internal rules” by the booking party.
8. If the booking is confirmed and the Guest will leave before the end of his/her stay in accordance to the booking, then the Guest will still be charged 100% of the value of the undelivered lodging service.
9. Our non-refundable policy binding in some periods means the advance payment comes to 100% of the sum due for the stay and if such a booking is cancelled, shortened or dates are changed, advance payment is not returned.
10. All information about the non-refundable policy periods will be given by the reception.
11. Advance payment should be made within 3 working days following the booking and for shorter periods within a deadline agreed with the Reception.
12. If a Guest does not arrive by 5 p.m. on the first day booked, it will be equivalent to the cancellation of the booking with a possibility that the room will be rented to another Guest (booking without advance payment), unless agreed otherwise.
13. Advance payment is paid back in full if the service cannot be delivered because of our fault.
14.In case of any questions please contact with the reception.