• Guests who come to our B&B must observe the rules stipulated here, as well as health and safety and fire regulations and follow the request of the staff in exceptional situations.
  • We do not assume any liability for damages resulting from ignoring the rules and provisions included here.
  • The rules are accompanied by the following documents:
    1. „Rates and prices” – specifying rates for accommodation and other services
    2. „How to book & Cancellation policy” which instructs how to make a booking and cancel it.
  • Amount due for a stay together with local tourist tax shall be paid on the day of arrival as agreed and not later than until 11 am on the next day. Please comply with this requirement.
  • Guests are expected to be registered immediately upon arrival with our staff. To this end they must produce an ID with a photo (Law of 10.04.1974 on citizens register and IDs Dz.U. of 2001 No. 87 item 960).
  • Third persons are not provided with any information on our guests’ personal data. However, we are obliged to register everyone. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Check in time is 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and check out time is 11 am on the day of departure.
  • When renting a room the guest specifies the length of his/her stay. If the stay is not identified it is understood it is just one night. If a guest wishes to extend his/her stay, he/she may do it at the reception until 10 am on the last day of his/her stay. If there are no rooms available, we will not meet your expectations.
  • Entrance and parking is allowed only in specially identified places. Parking is free, unguarded, closed for the night and monitored. The owner bears no liability for the cars and assets kept in them. Every room, studio or apartment has one parking place allocated.
  • The night-time silence in the villa is between 10pm and 6am.
  • Breakfast is served between 8am and 10:00am.
  • Villa is a non-smoking place.
  • The place is not suited for animals and hence we cannot host those who wish to spend their leisure time with pets.
  • A guest is fully liable for damages to the stuff and technical equipment caused by him/her or his/her visitors. Making up for damages discovered after the guest has left shall be charged to the guest based on a prior agreement between the parties.
  • The loss of a key or a remote control for the gate is PLN 500.00.
  • The moment a guests receives the key from the reception, he/she becomes its host. Towels are changed and the room is cleaned upon request. In order to make a request you just need to place an adequate tag or agree the service with the staff. Standard cleaning and change of towels are made every 3 days.
  • For fire protection reasons and for general safety, the use of heating elements, microwaves, gas-operated appliances, electricity-operated equipment or other devices not included in standard room equipment is not allowed. The afore mentioned does not apply to mobile telephone and computer chargers.


  • It is forbidden to:
    1. make noise, e.g. to play music (live or reproduced) loudly without management’s consent;
    2. invite and receive visitors (non-residents of the Villa) in rooms without prior management’s consent;
    3. behave (refers to guests and visitors) in a way that disturbs a quiet stay of other guests; under such circumstances the management and staff may refuse further rendering of services to a person infringing the rule;
    4. behave in a way generally considered vulgar in manners,
    5. wear ski boots and putting skis into the room.
  • Ski boots, skis, poles and snowboards can be kept in a special ski facility, an adopted room with a drying section available free of charge.
  • We hereby reserve ourselves the right to refuse accommodation to people:
    1. who reveal symptoms of being drunk or under the influence of drugs,
    2. whose behaviour is aggressive or vulgar in manners.
  • Those who infringe the rules specified here shall leave the villa immediately without their costs being reimbursed.
  • Guests who go climbing in high mountains are requested to inform the reception about their planned routes and the time of coming back.
  • Personal belongings left by a guest shall be sent back at his/her cost and risk to the address specified by him/her. If there are difficulties hard to overcome related to the above, the Villa may follow a procedure stipulated in art. 183 § 2 and the following of the Civil Code (Law of 23 April 1964 Civil Code Dz.U.64.16.93 with further amendments.).
  • We do not assume any liability for the loss of money, securities, jewelry or other valuable belongings of scientific or artistic value unless they are deposited with the reception.
  • We offer services adequate to the category of our B&B. Any remarks and complaints related to the quality of service should be notified by a guest not later than within 24 hrs after the arrival. Complaints submitted on the day of departure shall not be considered. We do not assume any liability for inconvenience caused independently of us, such as e.g. temporary shortages in the supply of electricity of water.
  • The rules of our B&B and catering services is available to the general public
    1. on our website
    2. individually when guests get registered (it is available on the information board), and
    3. in the rooms.
  • The above rules have been approved and confirmed by the owners, the management and the staff of the B&B and is binding since 1st August 2008.